XML Parsing: Using MINIDOM Vs Element Tree (etree) in Python

Brief About XML- XML is Extensible Markup Language which stores information in Hierarchical structure. It is similar to HTML but allows to make your own tags in a totally customized way.

The best part of XML is Self-Descriptive so easy to store data into XML & Awesome in exchanging between different sources.

Now Let’s come to parsing-

Python XML Parsing means by using a program we generate an internal representation of serialized XML tags. It forms a tree structure internally in memory which is easy to maintain.

python xml parser

Sample XML Code: sample.xml

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=” UTF-8”?>
<person id=”001”>
<home resident=”local”>Delhi</home>

Let’s see how MINIDOM XML Parser Python:

It is a library provided by python which is a minimal implementation of a Document object model.

Step1: from xml.dom import minidom //Import minidom library
Step2: root=minidom.parse(‘sample.xml’) //take file as input and parse
Step3: print(root)

Output: < xml.dom.minidom.Document object at 0x03A5B308>

Once you execute this we will be able to devide XML file and retrieve the required data.

Finding Element of Interest using getElementByTagName:

Tag=root.getElementbyTagName(‘home’)[0] // I have put [0] for one output

Output: < DOM Element: item at 0xc4bc00>

To access value of attribute


Output: local

To retrieve data present in these tags

Output: Delhi

Now Let’s come across Element Tree implementation:
(with same xml code)

First using Parse() function:
Step1: import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
Step2: tree=ET.parse(‘sample.xml’)
Step3: root=tree.getroot()
Step4: print(root)

Output: <Element ‘metadata’ at 0x03A5B308>

Fetching tags using loop
for x in root[0]
print (x.tag, x.attrib)

Output: fname {} lname {} home{‘resident’:’local’} salary {}

If want to print value stored in tags
for x in root[0]

Ram Kumar Delhi 1000

Modifying XML File:

The elements present in xml file can be manipulated by using set() function. Let us see how?
for lname in root.iter(‘lname’):

Output: The last name will be added with nath

Performance comparison b/w minidom and element tree

Python XML parser

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