Seven Reasons That Make the #1 CRM Application

1. Easy to use and User-Friendly Interface

Salesforce CRM is easy to use because it’s a cloud based technology and it can be accessed from multiple kind of devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, PCs via browser. You can install the Salesforce1 app in your Android based phone/ Tablets or iPhone, iPad etc. for easy access. It has a user friendly interface to navigate b/w tabs.

2. Easy to setup and Easy to integrate with multiple kind of systems.

If you are using any other system before salesforce, you can easily import your existing data into salesforce or integrate your old system with salesforce to sync the old data.

3.  Auto update with new releases & no update/maintenance charges.

Salesforce releases new features thrice a year (winter, summer, spring) basis customer suggestions; it automatically updates your salesforce organization free of cost.

So you always have the latest version of salesforce.

4. Easy to customize according to your business logics.

Salesforce has provided leverage to modify salesforce org. according to your business logics, like auto calculations, flows, the approval process, custom objects, custom styling in pages etc.

5. Strong Security Systems.

Salesforce has strong security systems, like defining login access only in specified network range or time slot and Data security b/w users.

6. Transparent data analytics for the Management Team to grow their business.

Salesforce provides reports and dashboard features to analyze data. The management team can see the summarized data in a report and a pictorial representation of the report through multiple kind of charts. This can be used to improve revenue in the upcoming quarters.

7. Pre-built apps on Appexchange

You can find many free/paid apps on appexchange that you can install easily on your system, if you find any suitable app for your business. You can enhance the functionality of Salesforce in just few minutes by installing any app.

Sameer Tyagi

I am a certified Salesforce developer. I have built complex enterprise solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem. I am always sharing what I know, and I love to learn new things on Salesforce. Contact me if you have a related technical question.
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