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How Elixir built for Salesforce Health Cloud is Solving the treatment industry Problems

salesforce health cloud

History of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce was focused on delivering an unparalleled CRM platform experience for a wide variety of customers before Salesforce became the major economic powerhouse it is today. And Salesforce healthcare has been highly successful.

To reach its revenue goal, salesforce needed to tap into specific industries vertically. With major investments in verticals like financial services and healthcare and life sciences, Salesforce knew they could build a platform to address these respective industries with salesforce healthcare consulting skilled resources.

And Salesforce Health Cloud was born.

The problem with Data

With information coming in from a wide variety of physicians, providers, and practitioners, vital patient data can be lost altogether or misplaced.

Health Cloud functions as the place where all this unstructured data comes together in a single platform that can be tracked, understood, and reported on. This gives physicians and providers a way to track outcomes and track results.

Bringing the future of the industry

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is expensive, inefficient and sometimes ineffective. That is the reason why the best in the industry is building for Health Cloud.
By using the AppExchange power, a good number of partners are building products that expand the horizons of Health Cloud’s functionality and features.
Salesforce is bringing integrations and solutions based on cloud to address gaps in care management that have existed for long within the healthcare vertical. This will help to manage disparate Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and lack of transparency across the care chain are coming to an end.

Many customers look for a single system to be the solution to their problems and challenges. Salesforce since the beginning has relied on the ecosystem of partners to deliver solutions for its customers, and Health Cloud is no exception. Salesforce’s Health Cloud is targeted for users who require the functionalities of an EMR, but more so at the support staff that surrounds a patient. From recording activities that a patient has completed to displaying appointments to a customer service representative, Health Cloud is here to manage a patient’s interactions rather than their chart.

Is Health Cloud worth the Investment?

Health Cloud is worth the investment for an organization looking to manage their EMR processes to better manage patient treatment experience. Salesforce has applied a lot of resources in ensuring the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry vertical is successful and to boost integrations in Health Cloud ensures that future enhancements are on the roadmap and the use cases to support and increase referral management and order verification between treatment centers.

The healthcare ecosystem is focused on interoperability standards that benefit processes and systems, unlike many industries. Many of the tools, accelerators developed in the Salesforce ecosystem will be quick to market and help the industry mature faster that has never been seen before.

Just Like any new product, there will be gaps and limitations in the initial product; however, Salesforce has demonstrated that it has the necessary focus and tools to deliver a great patient experience and provider experience in the coming future.

Key Benefits of Elixir built on Salesforce Healthcare

Elixir, a Salesforce App for meeting the EMR/EHR system needs of Addiction Treatment Centers. Elixir is built and developed by the experts in the Addiction Treatment industry for the Addiction Treatment centers for patients management and to better manage EHR electronic health records of patients.

100% Native Salesforce App

Elixir is a native Salesforce application that can be used directly from Salesforce AppExchange like other Salesforce Apps.

  • No duplication of data: Since Elixir is on Salesforce there is no need to move data to other systems.
  • Doesn’t require Integration: There is no other EMR system to integrate with.
  • 360-degree patient view: From the first contact to the treatment process to sober living, you have all the information in one place.
  • Is HIPAA Compliant: Data is stored in Salesforce protected by advanced data security features of Salesforce.
  • Fully Customizable/configurable: You can customize the workflows, forms, branding – all of it as you would do it for Salesforce
  • Rollout in days: Configuring Elixir is not a hassle and takes a few days
  • Patient Portal: using Salesforce Community Portals for your patients, Elixir will fit right in without any coding
  • Automation End to End -with standard automation and you can add any workflows using Salesforce workflow features.

We’ve tied up and partnered with the largest names in healthcare to transform their businesses on top of Health Cloud, achieving compelling results.

  • Converted a multi-platform, pen, and paper patient information system to a single system on Health Cloud.
  • Improved data quality, remove redundancies, and built a scalable platform.
  • Rebuilt the entire platform very fast
  • Decreased the total cost for users

If you want to learn more about how we’ve helped – checkout

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