How to Pick the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner?

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Translating, Compiling Business Language to Salesforce language.

There are a lot of resources out there for people looking to get up and running on the Salesforce platform. But many organizations say they had a difficult time translating some business process, languages to a Salesforce language.

Salesforce language was uncomfortable. I did not know what a lead, contact, organization, account, etc. was….

How to Pick the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner?

As we get to the rescue from on client to another we have noticed the Life doesn’t end after thinking about Salesforce as a solution. Life starts for sure after you we go for Salesforce but let’s try simplify Salesforce .

Salesforce offers a wide confusing range of products, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community, Platform,, Chatter,, one does what?  What do I need?

After making up your mind for the right product next, you would choose your type of license out of Group, Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited. Wow .. and there are Apps to follow. What would suit you the best ? Sorry but one size doesn’t fits All. You need customization for your organization based upon size, needs, budgets, usage etc.

Sales force Defines Accounts as-“Accounts are your organization’s customers, competitors, and partners. Each account stores information such as name, address, and phone numbers. For each account, you can store related information such as opportunities, activities, cases, partners, contracts, and notes. That’s Simple isn’t it? How you do that? Where would you do? what would you do?  I am sure you don’t know that pretty well.

Till now you concentrated upon business, customers, closures, dollars. But with the changing world, we got introduced to leads & opportunities. Salesforce guides us way forward. But which one out of Lead or Opportunity means business to you?

You know how you run your business, right from initial phone call or meeting, sending proposals, demos, closures, follow-ups etc in the process of earning bread and butter for your organization. But how do you define them to Salesforce? How would you check with your Salesforce Hey what are my chances of  closure after I send in the proposal?

As the world goes social, Salesforce is driving ahead there too with Community Portal. We understand that community is the group of people with similar interests.” But while I close my tickets, how do I make most of community portal?

Lets head to Web and search Custom Objects for Salesforce and the result is -Custom objects are custom database tables that allow you to store information unique to your organization. For custom  objects, the custom flag Boolean field in the describe results” is true. You must have got that till the end right?

One of the biggest challenge an admin faces while setting up before and after the Salesforce is- permission sets & role hierarchy- Who sees what? Who does what? Who does not do what? Initially you would  be a great architect to map everything, but as you grow, the users grow, and so does the permissions, so does what they do and how they do? Hope your Salesforce is future proof?

If you have been an expert on the basic level of Salesforce functions mentioned above, get ready for Dashboards and Reports? APIs, Integration? Connectors? Data Duplicity? Custom VF pages? The next three editions of Salesforce you would witness in the next 1 year? And yes the world is going mobile, is your business on mobile? Salesforce1?

That’s where you need to call an expert, like Picasso of Painting who can guide you to create a masterpiece for your business with Salesforce. A partner who understands you and your business small or big, one you can trust your business process with, respects your Data Integrity & Security, Delivers on Time and Loves your Customer as you do & is human- Mirketa Inc

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Rajeev Kumar

Rajeev has over 20 years of experience in IT managing large software development programs, organization change initiatives and Agile transformations. Prior to joining Mirketa Rajeev worked at startups and fortune 500 companies in senior management roles. He founded and, personal finance management applications for Indian and US market. Rajeev is also the founder of, a wedding planning application with online market for wedding planners and wedding merchandise.
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