Javascript Frameworks for Salesforce Lightning Design System

Salesforce has recently launched a new User Interface that is Salesforce Lightning Design System. It gives us very sharp and clean UI. By add JavaScript we can make our Lightning UI even more sharp. Here you can find JavaScript Frameworks which useful to make best design.

Appiphony Lightning JS :

salesforce lightning design

Appiphony Lighting JS(ALJS) gives harness with jQuery Library and Ember to deliver a rich UI experience to our Salesforce Lighting Design System. ALJS is implemented and maintained by Appiphony.

Lightning Dart:

Salesforce lightning design

The library for implementing web applications based on the CSS framework Salesforce Lighting Design System is Lighting Dart.Here we can find css,icons and fonts which are useful while implement Web Applications.

Lightning Dart gives the most complete component functionality for SLDS. Dart compiles into Javascript (“Dart – the better Javascript”), For business functionality we can write the code in Dart or in Javascript directly – or any language which can call Javascript.

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