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Infographic: Connecting Products, Services and Operations to Company Vision

Recently we completed an engagement to redesign organizational structure for a mid size product company. The goal for this effort was create new structure to give autonomy to departments and subsidiaries while leveraging a set of shared processes and tools and to connect related products and services for the better customer experience. We have put together a visual of the framework for approaching this product rationalization, process modeling and organization redesign effort. The framework connects the company Vision to Customer Needs, Products/Services and Operational People, Processes and Tools.

This framework can be used for organizational restructuring and process redesign for rolling out new tools such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and other CRM products.

Following is the Infographic of the framework. Feel free to use it for your organizational and process modeling effort for initiatives like rollout. Ping me if you have any questions or comments.


Value based Business Architecture / Org Architecture

Infographic connecting the vision to customers to products, services and operational people, process and tools.

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Salesforce Implementation – Top 5 Challenges

Salesforce Implementation can be transformational for organization  it can change the entire way an organization operates today to how it would work in future.

In my post here today I would try to enlist the major challenges shared by organizations who approached us for Salesforce Implementation , adopt, transform, and make changes, to the Salesforce and we turned them into happy Salesforce Organization.

challenges faced in salesforce project

The Challenges faced in salesforce project

Challenge #1: What we were getting into in terms of time, budget, or complexity.

It appears to be out that one of the key stumbling blocks for many in adopting Salesforce positively is that they don’t have an idea to come in with right expectations of the type of investment-Time, Money & Resources -it will require to be successful salesforce implementation .

Challenge #2: How or Where to start?

The other main challenge for organizations during the early period for salesforce implementation was ,determining How,where to start. Okay, they all said Salesforce is good, you must go for it- Now I have it, but how do I start.

That’s where organizations get hung up with Salesforce Implementation , process gets suspended, and everything is in Pause mode and further a vague idea, ballpark estimation, hit and try, little know-how, DIY spoil the taste.

Challenge #3: Data migration and Integration

In Salesforce – data migration ,integration and  maintenance are few of the most significant challenges that organizations face, both when they are first starting out on Salesforce implementation and throughout their usage.

All my Customer data & record are in our old system, can I bring all my data to Salesforce-How?

Can I integrate my Outlook Contacts with Salesforce?

Will I be able to integrate my billing, accounting software with the Salesforce?

Challenge #4: Salesforce Training or Salesforce adoption for staff or leadership

Staff adoption shows up as one of the most significant challenges across all types of organizations. In a typical case staff sees Salesforce as an additional activity  from what they do this additional chore for entering data. At the early stage they may not see this enabler for making their work simpler and easier ahead.

Even if you have technically implemented the salesforce successfully, staff may not know how to use it-even if they want to.

Challenge#5: Go Mobile-Leveraging Salesforce1

If everything is going Mobile, so is your business and Salesforce. Will your present Salesforce work on Salesforce1 for Mobility? NO. Thanks to Salesforce1 one can aspire, build enterprise level apps, which is definitely beyond basic salesforce integration that you aim to. This new feature to add on would require a salesforce service partner who can design and implement this for you, a salesforce service  partner who does not restricts to plain vanilla, old school work and basic APIs. You need people with application development capabilities and expertise to help you lead ahead.

Well these are the some of the challenges that you might be facing or headed towards as you think Salesforce Implementation – But good news is, for the most part they are preventable and appears to be a smooth task if you are selecting the right Salesforce Implementation Partner. If you can read the trends, going global it is for your salesforce implementation, create a mix of Salesforce offshore development & Onsite to for a good cost effective solution.

That’s where you need call an expert, like Picasso of Painting who can guide you to create a masterpiece for your business with Salesforce. A salesforce service partner who understands you and your business large or small, one you can trust your business process with, respects your data integrity & security, delivers on time and loves your customer as you do – Mirketa Inc. (

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Add Atlassian to your Process – Startup Guide

As a newbie in plugin development for atlassian products suite, I faced many obstacles and challenges while developing a simple plugin, from setting up the development environment, reading APIs to setting up the fast development process. So, I decided to write this simple, step-by-step and descriptive blog for future plugin developers to take advantage of my endeavor and experience with atlassian plugin development. In this blog I will cover- Setting up the development environment out of:



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Team Temperature Agile – an easy way to measure your current state

Over the years I have worked on many process/org improvement initiatives with my internal teams and the client teams as a consultant. I have used a few tools/models/techniques to assess the current state. Of all things I have used, myfavorite technique is a very simple one which gives me very good insights into the current state in about 15 minutes. It is a concept somewhat driven from Net Promoter Score (NPS) concept. I call it Team Temperature Agile. I can’t take credit for the term as it has been used by other guys before me. Probably my variation and usage of the technique may give a heart aches to some who use it differently.

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