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Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is a self-service application, which provides the functionality to work on a large amount of data. Here, we can explore our data to discover something new. We can instantly visualize our data and can show how we are doing in our business and what’s the possibility for next month or year, we can also create a dashboard to visualize the latest data.

Einstein Analytics provides the capability to create aggregated views of all data whether it is coming from Salesforce Data, External Data, CSV File, etc. See below in the attached screenshot. To aggregate it, you need to load Dataset. Now, you can easily visualize and explore your data from the business dataset.

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Virtualization vs Containerization

Introduction: Virtualization helps to manage workloads by transforming traditional computing method and make it more scalable. Containerization is a lightweight alternative of virtualization, it involves encapsulating of an application in a container with its own operating system. Application can be run on any physical memory without caring about dependencies.

Key Difference between virtualization and containerization

Virtualization- It is a process of creating a virtual version of physical object. In terms of computing hardware virtualization is the process of creating virtual instances of real hardware. We can run a complete operating system on virtual hardware.
Hypervisor- It is a software application that manages and monitors running virtual machine, also called virtual machine monitor (VMM).

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Role of APIs In Salesforce

Salesforce can interact with third-party tools (Workbench, Postman, etc.) using Salesforce APIs. It is a simple, secure and powerful way to get access to salesforce org data. Salesforce APIs provide Rest API, Soap API, Streaming API, Bulk API, and Chatter API, etc. All has its own functionality. Now we have Challenge that where we should use which API. Below is the explanation for some APIs

What is Rest API?

Rest API is a simple and powerful web service. It gives access to your org data in the format of XML or JSON. For example, you can create, update, read and delete (CRUD) your data. Apart from this you can search or retrieve your metadata or query your data. APIs in salesforce is a lightweight request and framework and is easy to use. It is an excellent technology for mobile applications and web projects. Rest API follows synchronous communication and return data in the form of XML and JSON according to our choice.

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