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I am a certified Salesforce developer. I have built complex enterprise solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem. I am always sharing what I know, and I love to learn new things on Salesforce. Contact me if you have a related technical question.

Salesforce GitHub integration using Jenkins

For administrators working with a single company, change sets are a great way to move updates between sandboxes and a parent org. However, when working on the enterprise tier, we often need to transfer components between various test and developer environments, which are outside the scope of change sets.

To support multiple developers working across multiple environments on various features and fixes, a proven path is to use an automated continuous integration system to simplify deployments and promote transparency.

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Seven Reasons That Make the #1 CRM Application

1. Easy to use and User-Friendly Interface

Salesforce CRM is easy to use because it’s a cloud based technology and it can be accessed from multiple kind of devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, PCs via browser. You can install the Salesforce1 app in your Android based phone/ Tablets or iPhone, iPad etc. for easy access. It has a user friendly interface to navigate b/w tabs.

2. Easy to setup and Easy to integrate with multiple kind of systems.

If you are using any other system before salesforce, you can easily import your existing data into salesforce or integrate your old system with salesforce to sync the old data.
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Salesforce Developers Guide to Defining and Creating a map with id, records using Apex

In this blog I will be explaining how to build a map of list dynamically through a loop which is commonly used in Apex programming ( development).

For example

Map<id,<list<Contact>> accIdContactsmap = new Map<id,<list<Contact>>();

Before getting into the details, let’s reviews the definitions of a Map and a List. Continue reading

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