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Solving Case Response Time Issues with SalesForce

Covid-19 Pandemic has posed a significant challenge to Business Process Outsourcing Sector, and it’s now when companies realize how crucial Case Response Time can be. As the companies are down-sizing, the load of Inbound Data is increasing multifold, posing a challenge to the sector.

But what is Case Response Time?

Case Response Time or Service Response Time is the period between when a customer requests for service, inquires, registers a complaint, and when it is responded. It is a major contributor to a company’s potential to retain top and high priority customers.

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Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is a self-service application, which provides the functionality to work on a large amount of data. Here, we can explore our data to discover something new. We can instantly visualize our data and can show how we are doing in our business and what’s the possibility for next month or year, we can also create a dashboard to visualize the latest data.

Einstein Analytics provides the capability to create aggregated views of all data whether it is coming from Salesforce Data, External Data, CSV File, etc. See below in the attached screenshot. To aggregate it, you need to load Dataset. Now, you can easily visualize and explore your data from the business dataset.

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