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Surveys in Salesforce

Initially, Salesforce Surveys were originated in Spring’18 release. This basic feature allows us to create easy-to-use forms for collecting the feedback as well as data by using the simple editor. All the salesforce survey data you collect is stored within your org. If we’re looking for easily mapped responses directly into the Salesforce(standard as well as custom objects) automatically, then surveys are the best option. Through surveys, we can send follow-ups and we can add questions to our surveys and also customize or brand our surveys as well.

This blog will take you through what survey tools stand out as a great addition to the Salesforce platform. We can also use Salesforce to view survey data, create reports as well as dashboards and sharing these with our company.

Salesforce develops “Survey Product” further with every release (Winter’20), we put more efforts or power in the hands of admins to be able to send out surveys using an action on the process builder. Salesforce Surveys are used through transactional emails.

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Introduction to Customer Data Platform

In this technology-driven world where data is considered as the oil for market and company mechanism, technology is advancing towards more customer-centric solutions. Data is and will be considered the driving force whether it’s from an offline or online source, segmented according to the channels or available in a different environment. Now companies are inclined towards personalization of customer data which will result in better marketing approaches towards prospective customers and to tend current customers in the best possible method.

We already had Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Management Platform (DMP) for the purpose of engaging customer data and the newest entrant in this field is the Customer Data Platform (CDP). As both CRM and CDP start with the customer, there is a bit confusion between the two as CDP was regarded as an extension of CRM. As the market evolved with the usage of CDP, the confusion between CRM and CDP has been cleared. We are going to be more elaborative on CDP in this blog as this is the new tool which is considered as the latest fad in mark tech.

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How does Salesforce Einstein help to transform the business industry?

Salesforce Einstein is the world’s smartest CRM platform that helps you to grow your business in a more effective and efficient way. Salesforce Einstein is the artificial intelligence technology that has been developed for the Salesforce customer success platform. It delivers the right recommendations to customers and employees to ensure that the business processes run smoothly.

The purpose of salesforce Einstein is to solve the problems of customers across sales, marketing and, IT services. Anyone in organizations can use Salesforce Einstein for analyzing their data, predicting, and planning their future course of business. The managers can also use this to automate their tasks as well as decision making.

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