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Salesforce & IoT

Anything that can be connected, will be connected. This quote by Jason Morgan of is going to be, what future holds, with the increasing growth of the concept of salesforce IoT. Simply put, the Internet of things is a system of electronic devices or components, interconnected with each other through the Internet and capable of exchanging data and information.

The devices include everything ranging from cellphones, coffee makers, headphones, smart wearables to components of machines like the engine of an airplane, etc. The Salesforce IoT allows the devices to be remotely sensed and controlled using the existing network structure; which enables the opportunity to directly integrate them with other devices or networks. So basically, IoT is a giant network of connected things.

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Apex Code to Create Recurring Event in Salesforce Lightning

In this article, I am sharing my approach and code required for fetching recurring events in Salesforce Lightning.  The use cases could be creating a recurring pickup, order placement etc. You would need basic knowledge of Apex and Salesforce Lightning.

This screen will give you an idea about the recurring UI.

.create recurring event in salesforce lightning

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