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Salesforce Integration with SurveyGizmo

Survey tools provide easy and cost effective ways of collecting information from a large number of individuals. Instead of collecting data on a Salesforce portal, you can integrate your survey tool with Salesforce and insert data onto a custom or standard Salesforce object.

In this article I will give you pointers on how to insert data from SurveyGizmo integrations ( into salesforce objects. Obviously you can do the same with other survey tools too (as long as APIs are exposed). Continue reading

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Helper class in Salesforce

If you are working on custom application development on or customizing salesforce to do event driven updates, you will end up writing quite a few triggers, and in some cases more than one trigger on the same object.

In this blog I will explain how to use a Helper/Handler class in salesforce when we have to write more than one trigger for the same object on the different events. I will also explain how a Helper/Handler can also help manage trigger execution. Continue reading

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